About Us

Steamclean Pro Pty Ltd is a new company. We kicked off this company  to coincide with our existing company, Kelly’s Cleaning Service Pty Ltd of 25 years, so we can offer a complete cleaning service.

This service is fronted by our experienced operator Jamie Portelli who has worked in this industry for several years.  He has  vast experience in all these fields.

We offer all types of steam cleaning from, Carpet cleaning to restoration of flood and fire damaged homes and commercial buildings.  Check out our service section on this website

Our company has all the latest equipment  including dryers and humidifiers and moister meters, all the required tools and attachments that run off our powerful  Sapphire truck mount.

The company is fully insured and adheres to all OH& S matters

Steamclean Pro takes pride in the environment and understands the rising consciousness about  it. In fact at our home property we just planted 680 trees.

All our employees are inducted into our company and must abide by our company law, including environmental, OH&S and privacy matters.

Please contact :

Wayne or Ingrid Kelly                              0488298009

Jamie Portelli                                           0413139358

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